Probably the best description for Crude Oil is a "mixture of hydrocarbons" which can be a mixture of fluid in  solid, liquid and gaseous forms. Some people believe we are going to run out of crude oil while others believe that there are trillions of barrels of undiscovered oil that are not being exploited. The following media presentation is excellent  because it gives a quick overview of where the current crude oil reserves are being exploited and a hint about undiscovered and relatively untapped oil reserves. The middle-east currently has about two thirds of the world's proven oil reserves and Russia is the world's second largest producer but surprisingly for some it is Canada that also has huge oil reserves. Those familiar with Canadian crude oil will know about the Tar Sands of Alberta. The presentation will give us a quick run down on the current world oil situation and the possibilities of more deep sea drilling operations. Some say that the concern we should have are to do with oil depletion while others disagree and say it has to do with future oil prices in relation to oil recovery techniques and costs.


One of the more recent discoveries of oil in Brazil has brought attention to Deep Sea Oil Drilling and Petrobras is active in this technology. The following media presentation gives us an insight in Smart ideas that have been adopted by Oil Companies like Petrobras who are taking part in deep sea oil exploration.



At this point it might be interesting to see a presentation that touches on drilling costs both onshore and offshore and how drilling technology plays a major role in oil and gas exploration e.g directional drilling.


Enhanced Oil Recovery is also a Smart Idea. This kind of technology enables us to increase domestic energy sources by retrieving oil from mature oil fields by getting more oil out of the ground. At the same time there are also smart people working to do this in a way that combines enhanced recovery techniques with CO2 storage. The following presentation gives an insight into the benefits for power producing companies and how they will be able to meet their emissions reduction targets while also being able to supply sufficient power to the Grid. These ideas are clean power generation techniques using fossil fuels.


It is not possible to cover all of the smart ideas for crude oil exploration and production on this page but certainly it will give an insight into the fact that people are busy around the world and that technology is continually developing.