Geothermal power plants can be considered to a Smart Idea because they do not depend on fossil fuels to create electricity. The earth already has thermal energy given out by magma underneath it's surface.  It is plain for anyone to see when a volcano erupts that enormous power resides under the earth. There is definitely scope to improve the existing geothermal process technology and to produce unlimited Green Energy and the following presentation might give us a broader view of our world as it relates to energy and alternative ways to harness it for our current and future electricity and hot water requirements. In this particular example of Israeli technology we see that water is heated in pipes by molten rock and then exploited to make energy. Although these plants are presently costly, they are environmentally friendly. Countries with large geothermal resources can look further into making the technology even more successful and eventually lessen their dependance on fossil fuel imports. A further advantage is that water re-injected back underground is unlike produced water that is common to an oil production facility (produced water is considered to be industrial waste) and so Geothermal is considered to be clean energy.


This energy is a "renewable energy source which involves drilling technology since wells need to be drilled to reach the hot rock so that water can be injected and also used to recover the heated water. This first presentation is showing water is pumped downhole first.


This three dimensional presentations shows something slightly more detailed. It also assumes that the superheated fluid already exists underground and all that is needed is to tap into it with one well and so is a slightly different case from the one above. However, this following presentation helps us to appreciate the work of a process engineer who is working with separation technologies. Process Engineers working in other fields can easily understand and participate in Geothermal activities since the terms and processes are by no means unfamiliar to them. At the end of the presentation it becomes evident that the water underground needs to be managed so that it does not deplete and so we are introduced to the re-injection process. What is interesting however is in this case the minerals are being stripped out of the water before re-injection.