Whatever technology or energy source we are considering we must realize that there are people in the world (especially in remote locations) who do not have an adequate supply of electricity. Supplying the needs of people in need  is a smart idea. One of the ways that power can easily be made available to locations which do not have vast supplies of electricity sent to them through a power grid is to install power plants that are run on oil. In this particular instance it is heavy fuel oil which is a low cost and convenient fuel source for many. Heavy fuel oil generators can easily be installed into a shipping container and sent to those parts of the world that need them most. The following media presentation shows just how a certain innovative company is doing this. Communication is possible in remote locations via satellite and so these plants can be monitored without having to always be at the location. This is a smart idea for preventative maintenance and safety.


Fuel Oil Power Plants can also have options to run on other sources of energy such as diesel and biodiesel. The following media presentation gives us a good look into what is required to make a diesel generator system or HFO electricity generator plant. Diesel Generator Engineering is a continual development and so are the systems that monitor the efficiency of generating sets. Sensors can be strategically installed in critical areas which enable realtime monitoring and optimization of efficiency. Acoustic Enclosures can also be designed to minimize the surrounding noise level so that these generators can work without being too noisy.


As mentioned previously it  is now possible to continually monitor heavy fuel oil or diesel generating systems using advanced monitors and analyzers. It is also possible to continually monitor the quality of oil for contaminating elements. The following presentation is showing a smart idea how in one application the quality of oil can be monitored in realtime by the addition of  sensors and alarm systems. 


Over the past few years there have been many new smart ideas in the area of fuel burning and systems are continually being developed to reduce fuel consumption even up to 50%. An example is shown in the following media presentation of a smart company that is mixing water with fuel to create an emulsion with the addition of a vegetable oil catalyst. There are many ideas being introduced but this is just one of them and it introduces those who are unfamiliar with the move to reduce CO2 and NOx exhaust gas to an acceptable level. 


We will see even more smart ideas not just for the alternative energy sector but also for  fossil fuels. Even though Carbon is emitted, it is always a smart idea to implement ways to reduce the amount by using technology.