Industrial Waste is valuable when it is used to produce fuel and electricity.  Landfills containing waste can be turned into a profit which encourages industries to invest in technology that converts waste into energy. Waste Management involves handling unwanted sewage and rubbish (trash) but technology allows us to go a step further and take advantage of the fact that nothing should go to waste, even waste itself! 

The waste that is present in landfills produces Methane Gas. Instead of simply letting the methane escape, it can be stored and used to power generators which in turn produce electricity. Some companies are thinking about and using other ways to handle the methane and even convert it into hydrogen by making a plasma of the waste by using an electrical arc with high intensity. The Biomass portion of waste can also be used to make Biofuel. The attraction to using waste to produce energy is based on the fact that it is a renewable energy source and this should make it easier to justify for a government or a business who is thinking Green. The following media presentation has something interesting at the end that comes from science fiction but who really knows the future? Maybe it will be possible to master the art of nuclear fusion sooner than we think.


At this point it might be a good idea for those who are not familiar with Plasma Arc to view the following  media presentation on  Plasma Gasification which is considered to be a sustainable energy alternative.

The media presentation quotes something from the Georgia Institute of Technology stating that Plasma Gasification can create more renewable energy than the projected energy from solar, wind, landfill gas and geothermal energies combined and so it might be smart to watch the following media presentation which could spark off interest in those who want to know more about Syngas and Plasma Technology.


It also might be a smart idea to find out about plasma enhanced melters. In today's world it is important to design and manufacture renewable energy systems that not only provide the needed energy and electricity but also produce systems and products that comply to standards set by environmental protection agencies. The following media presentation gives us an idea of the process involved using a proprietary Plasma Enhanced Melter by InEnTec and how ultra clean fuels can be used to make electricity and  how  solid byproducts  can be used for construction and other applications.