Some people will see "M2M popping up everywhere but what does M2M actually mean? Firstly M2M stands for "Machine to Machine"

One of the more popular M2M ideas has to do with wireless networks which are being designed to capture data and monitor/control resources. There are other ways to describe this but M2M is a popular way to do it.  Smart End to End Solutions that include Management and Control with Billing and Reporting Tools are becoming something extremely important for a business and personnel.


Getting the correct data involves devices but also the systems over which the data can be transmitted. Wireless is now becoming popular with all manner of industry from Fleet Managers, Cargo Haulers, Rental Car Services, merchants selling goods and services and even utilities can be classified as users of M2M using Smart Meters. Support of legacy and emerging wireless standards is a Smart idea because it enables interoperability between systems.


Smarter Remote Monitoring means that you have more control over what is going on. M2M is something that is definitely a must for a Fleet Tracking System. This is because the Fleet is not stationary but always mobile. Environmental and weather systems have sensors and meters placed strategically over vast expanses or land and it is important to be able to capture and monitor data through central locations so that more accurate and realtime responses can be generated e.g. warning about a storm. There seems to be no end in sight for the myriad of ideas and applications for M2M - from traffic applications , banking and mobile purchasing and even entertainment and those with Smart Phone services will probably know more than most of us.


One of the aspects of M2M technology is that it needs to be able to work around the clock in a fully connected world because everything is moving all the time whether it is objects or people and since everything will be connected there will be no advantage in having something disconnected (for whatever reason) when it was not supposed to. This means that one of the critical factors is probably going to be making sure that the M2M systems and M2M networks are entirely reliable. This means that connectivity and updating are factors of great importance. There is also the issue of having systems that can be intelligently maintained e.g. if something goes wrong, how fast can we respond to the change and what can we immediately do to resolve it. Since M2M solutions are meant to increase productivity, workflow and efficiency we can view the implementation in an objective manner i.e. what is the total value of the M2M system in this respect.

Since devices are changing and there is a continual need to "catch up" on what is going on we will need expert companies offering M2M solutions who can not only provide us a solution for today but also that they are able to make sure it will be working tomorrow as well. We will need to depend on their expertise to keep the ball rolling.