Natural Gas is a source of energy that can produce power and hence we have something called the Natural Gas Fired Power Plants.  However -Natural Gas is an exciting topic for some countries in a different way because they have adopted what is called NGV - Natural Gas for Vehicles. We thought it would be a good idea to provide a lens into Thailand. The following media presentation is not in English but we have attempted to provide information about what is in the minds of supporters of NGV below the presentation so that everyone can benefit from Smart Ideas in some other countries. It might be a catalyst to even smarter  ideas and show us some other possibilities for natural gas. We would like to thank PTT (The Petroleum Authority of Thailand) for this presentation.


People are reporting that Natural Gas for Vehicles is considered to be safe and reliable system. That it is also going to cost less than petroleum. A car can be fitted with an option where it can use petroleum but also natural gas. Some users have used the NGV system for many years already and do not report any problems with it. Some of the fears initially had to do with users being worried about a gas explosion but once they have been educated and feel safe with the system then the doubts become something of the past. It has been important for actual users who believe this to reassure others that they are confidently using the NGV system and also that it is saving money. We believe NGV is already a great success in Thailand.

So what about Natural Gas? What kind of reserves do we have to rely on? One of the hotter topics over recent years for some people has been the recovery of natural gas from coal beds i.e Coal Bed Methane which is technically challenging and could be classified as "Smart"

The following presentation is a great introduction to unconventional gas exploration, production, transportation and distribution. Of course the gas can be used in homes for cooking and heating and that is the major points.


As for other Smart Ideas regarding Natural Gas it is important to know about Gas Meters but not the small gas meters that are installed in people's homes. No! There is something called Custody Transfer Gas Measurement and deals with commercial applications. Custody Transfer Systems have almost become a science in their own right. This is because it has also important for Natural Gas Producers and Pipeline Distribution to realistically quantify the Quality and Amount of Gas because it is either being bought or sold in extremely large volumes. This means that the accuracy and repeatability of Natural Gas Meter Data is critical. Gas Calibration Laboratories are important for both offshore and onshore companies who need verification to agreed upon standards. Since gas is compressible there are going to be other factors involved in Gas Calculations which rely on meter data but also accurate temperature, pressure and analytical data which relate to the mass and molecular composition of Natural Gas.