Anyone with an open mind who is interested in the future of power, even nuclear power, will want to know the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Commercial nuclear power plants currently use nuclear fission to create thermal energy to produce steam which drives a turbine generator. Nuclear fusion is something that is still under development but some should listen more carefully before becoming ignorant of the fact that nuclear fusion is most definitely a viable source of future energy. The media presentation explains why and why we might need Tritium and more investment in plasma physics and fusion technology so that it really will be possible to provide a family's energy consumption requires from using only a few stones and some water.


The European Union has set a goal for the first successful commercial nuclear fusion power plant to be in operation by the year 2035. That is not so far away if it becomes a reality and would definitely change the way the world will view energy resources. For the moment, we have nuclear fission plants and of course there are those who are for and against them due to environmental concerns. Rather than simply  take an environmental stance as the only stance we should also realize that the world is made up of different countries with each country concerned about it's own security issues. Since changing politics could affect a country's ability to secure energy resources it is always an option to consider building nuclear power plants as an alternative energy source that is also stable. The following media presentation deals with these issues.


There has been much time, investment and technology poured into better nuclear power plant design and construction. Take for example the development and manufacturing of large high pressure drain pumps to handle hot fluid, multi-stage control valves able to handle huge pressure drops and flow transmitters that use cutting edge technology to produce custody transfer accuracy measurements which are necessary for maximum plant optimization. Power plants require joint efforts from several companies and institutions and the countries that already have successful installations and operation management will normally offer their expertise and experience to others less familiar with the technology.

Common nuclear power plants need a power source and this is provided by Uranium. You do not require much to create a great amount of energy and that is why some have pursued construction of nuclear power plants since fossil fuels can always fall or rise dramatically. Some believe that one of the logical reasons behind the construction of a nuclear power plant is that the community or country will feel less effect if some incredible  price fluctuation occurs in fossil fuels. The fact that the community/country has this alternative energy resource means that it will worry less about fluctuations.

A more detailed explanation of how the nuclear power plant  actually produces electricity is explained in the next media presentation