It might be interesting to view a multimedia presentation that will inspire some of us to think about the power of sea waves and currents and why this technology needs more attention than what it currently receives. 


With the current world  interest to develop sustainable energy alternatives there is always the power of the sea to consider. One of the interesting aspects of this technology are the possibilities is that the sea never stops unlike the sun and wind and this is one of the key points that needs to be considered by scientists who look for justification and funds to further research and develop systems and products to harness sea current power. The idea of tapping into a continual power source from nature that is working day and night is definitely a smart idea considering most of the world is covered by the sea and large populations of people reside near coastal areas.  There are companies designing and producing modern day wave power converters for the purpose of exploiting alternative the energy resource called the sea.


One of the other aspects of sea power is reduction in technology pollution. There are many individuals in the world who do not want to see their land covered with solar panels, wind turbines and large amounts of cables and pylons. Since much of the sea power technology can be submerged on the sea floor it is not going to be an ugly sight for supporters of clean energy who also want to reduce technology pollution. Computer and cell phone manufacturers already know about technology pollution and they are always designing products that require less visible cables, adaptors in an effort to help technology blend in better with a natural environment.  There are different ways in which we have been trying to harness sea power. One of them is to harness a forward moving wave force but there are also other alternatives which can use the forward/backward motion of sea waves to produce energy. The advantage of submerged power systems is that they are not going to be problematic due to sea storms since they are actually under the ocean. The idea of coupling sea power along to produce water under pressure that can be converted into power by hydroelectric turbines and work together with a desalination process to produce clean water If you are unfamiliar with desalination plants you can view the following media presentation and understand the logic of why certain technologies can go hand in hand


The marine industry is already familiar with basic desalination systems  and it also possible that certain individuals might be considering offshore desalination plants as a possible future option. The idea of moving technology to remote locations and "hiding" it is something that has always been on the minds of futuristic writers who believe that in the distant future we will have all the technology we need but we will want to protect our planet in the same way we would not want a rose garden to compete with filters, membranes, pumps, engines, rotors, mechanical equipment in general as printed circuit boards with communication devices that compete with nature i.e. nature can be in front of our eyes while technology is working behind the scenes and relatively unnoticed