This is your chance to submit your Smart Ideas to Meter Data. So, what's next?


1. You must have at least one Youtube video about the smart product or service. Send us the link

2. Send us 100 to 200 words (if you can) about why you think this product or service is a smart idea.

3. Be patient (a few days at least) because we will watch your video and read what you have submitted. 

4. All smart ideas get approved so you stand more than a 90% chance of getting your Youtube video here if you were cognizant while sending us the link and description. Please do not copy text from your website or anywhere else but write the description yourself. This will guarantee you get on here. We are smart, so we are going to check whether the text you sent us is copied from somewhere on the net. Your products, services and ideas  will help you get more exposure, especially as this site is growing every month.

5. Send us suggestions if you like. We might be smart but we always need to be smarter!