Nowadays we see that many of the traditional hardware products being manufactured need to be Smart. The task for for many electronic manufacturers becomes more complicated, simply because of the need for them to connect to other devices. Software developers know that this is sometimes not an easy job, especially when they have to deal with a large number of devices that use different protocols. Some of the larger companies are always looking for better ways to streamline a process or a system by providing solutions that enable users and operators of the devices and software to make better sense of it all. The following media presentation gives us ideas about some of the challenges we face and the need for software projects to meet their schedules. In the past it would of been fine for us to wait several years for software development but now it seems it has become something that many industrialists need to complete in months and sometimes even weeks.


One of the smarter areas of discussion now has to do with the software development life cycle. This involves smart planning and making sure that all parties involved are actually going to get what they need and not simply something that was designed for the sake of designing it. This means that we have a need for smarter people who have a broad understanding of how the software is going to be implemented. Some say that a good programmer might be able to code something impressive but the question we need to ask is if it is going to fit into the picture. This requires intelligence on the part of the software development management teams who will want to familiarize themselves with the actual real life process that the software is being developed for.  The best software production is not going to be necessarily led by programmers alone but also by individuals and teams who have a complete picture in their minds and are imaginative (as well as technical)  enough to make sure that the final product actually is going to improve the flow efficiency of a process whatever it may be. This really requires smart people and probably some of them will have a multidisciplinary talents that enable them to look deeply into details but at the same time keep the focus on what is important i.e. they do not fail to see the wood from the trees. The following media presentation  explains this well.


From designing mobile phones to Smart Grids we all know that products and systems are getting smarter. Smart products need to be intelligent in some way. They need to be interconnected and so we have a situation where hardware and software come together and need to be managed well. Although quality is one of the most important factors in producing products and systems the problem of deadlines and timetables does not go away. We are living in a highly competitive world and there is definitely a need for repeatable and verifiable development process. Traditional hardware manufacturers are now beginning to realize that their software development can be just as important as their hardware and moves are being made to integrate the process of development of both software and hardware into a more unified idea. It also requires people skills. Management experts who know how to motivate teams and have them working intelligently and within timetables are becoming more important. There is also the international factor since we are now living in a global society. A team could be physically separated and certain teams will have different functions, even speak different languages but there is a need to intelligently manage personnel so that final products and services produced by these teams meet their targets.


Today we see a need for smarter products, maintaining the quality of production and services , a need for increased repeatability, effective troubleshooting, economically priced production and maximizing manufacturing capability, research and development as a Smart Process