Superconductivity is for Smart people. In fact , it is for the smartest of the smart and whoever manages to do away with "R" so that V= I and not V= IR on large scale commercial applications will also not be forgotten.  There have always been people laughing at  scientific possibilities throughout history but they stop when someone proves to them that they really never understood  i.e. they were not Smart at all but simply narrow minded and ignorant like many people who were convinced that the earth was flat when the ancient Sumerians thousands of years before them most likely already knew that it was not- according to more recent findings and speculation. Some Smart people also have interests in ancient history  (not just current affairs) because what is taught in engineering schools still does not explain how the massive pyramids of Egypt were built. This is  an engineering puzzle causing endless debates amongst credible and incredible architects and construction engineers. We unfortunately  do not have an original Youtube video really showing how it was done. If Youtube was around thousands of years ago, then maybe we could follow a link and watch how they did it, but alas, we cannot and we are left with scant information on some of the more mysterious engineering capabilities of our ancient forefathers. If we did have such a video it is possible that most of us would not understand anyway. So, in the light of this, let us not think that for a moment that we are smarter than people of the past. We thought that the following media presentation on Superconductivity was Smarter than Smart Meters since successful superconductivity could cause a revolution in smart industries. If something was made in black and white it does not mean it was never smart. 


We should remember that Smart people in the former Soviet Union sent the first man into space. He was a Russian Pilot and Cosmonaut and his name will forever be remembered as Yuri Gagarin. Some people might not like the fact that they lost the race to put the first man in space and prefer to talk about putting the first man on the moon. We have to conclude that both were most definitely smart ideas and both deserve a smart award.

I am sure that the people this next media presentation are fascinated by the Meissner effect (if you can't understand what they are saying it is possible to hear their enthusiasm ) because it is plain to see that it has something to do with levitation, not a mystical type but one based on science. This website does not deal with mystical energy but we know that many of the world's population is researching that as well while others claiming to possess it are trying to sell it for large profits. 


So how is this all related to an Electrical Grid? Whatever our opinions are on superconductivity there is one thing for sure and that is massive amounts of energy are lost over an electrical grid. Designing better ways to more effectively reduce energy losses over a grid is also an extremely smart idea and the next presentation has a smart person opening our minds to possibilities.